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    Effective and budget friendly POS system

    POS System

    It should come as no surprise that one of the most crucial components of a profitable restaurant or retail establishment is an  effective and budget friendly POS system.Take a moment and think about that. Effective and budget-friendly. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds–a point of sale system you can afford that also meets your needs and gets the job done. But before we get into the specifics of budgeting for point of sale hardware and software, let’s talk a bit about some basic small business budgeting concepts.

    Basic Budgeting Concepts:

    Please don’t try to handle your business’s finances alone. Get professional help, if at all possible. An accountant, a lawyer, someone who knows what they’re talking about and has experience drafting budgets for small businesses. Especially if you’re just starting out, creating a budget can be extremely intimidating–and overwhelming. There are so many regular expenses to plan for, and forgetting even one thing (like taxes, or your electric bill) could be disastrous.

    That said, not everyone can afford an accountant right away, and those of you who can should still understand the basic principles of how a budget works. Ready? Here we go.

    1. Most budgets reflect annual expected costs and revenue. You can do a monthly budget if you want, but it won’t be as accurate as one that looks ahead over the next year or two.
    2. Your budget should include all of your expected expenses for the year, including fixed costs (like rent), variable costs (like the cost of inventory or raw ingredients), and semi-variable costs (normally fixed costs that can vary as situations change–salaries, for example).
    3. To make an accurate budget, of course, you need to know how much money you’ll be raking in over the next year, or your expected annual revenue. For example, you can plan out a fantastic, $1M budget for your food truck, but that budget isn’t going to do you much good if your revenue actually averages about $16K.
    4. Your budget needs to reflect your expected profits, of course! You can think of it this way: Revenue – Costs = Profit.

    Now accountants come in–to perform the delicate work of actually figuring out how much money you’ll need to cover all of your expenses and still turn a profit. And not just wages, inventory, and utility bills, but unexpected things–like lawsuits or water damage. Or the cost of your POS system…

    What Should I Be Spending On My POS System?

    POS System
    Experts now believe that reserving 3-4% of your revenue for POS expenses is more realistic. POS hardware has absolutely exploded in recent years, especially with the advent of smartphones and tablets. And POS software has also advanced in great leaps and bounds. The average point of sale system today can calculate a variety of sales reports for you, collect customer data, run loyalty programs, track employee activity–the list goes on. Since both the hardware and software systems you need to run your business are more robust (and can handle more tasks), it’s not surprising that they might cost a bit more than they used to as well. The jury is still out on many of these systems when it comes to ROI, naturally, but it’s safe to say that the typical new POS system, with all its bells and whistles, will probably end up saving you money in other areas.

    Want To Know About Budget Friendly POS System And How To Get Start?

    POS System

    Welcome to MBE POS Solutions. Process Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Discover and Amex at the lowest rates – Starting from 1.59% to 4 cents on debit. Enjoy an improved experience of POS processing with clear rates, 24/7 Support and flexible solutions.

    Operating a successful business means you need to make convenient and easy payment options available for your customers. More and more consumers these days use credit and debit cards for payments. Every business works hard to provide the best customer service and deliver value, but not accepting credit cards can cause you to lose the edge in the competitive market.

    Studies have proved that accepting credit cards for payments can increase your sales as much as by 23%. A wide range of payment options gives you a broader client base and brings financial flexibility into the modern consumer’s life. Customers who do not have cash in hand may purchase at your location if you have an alternate mode of payment.
    Getting started has never been easier, choose from our flexible packages and a wide variety of POS terminals to choose from, or request a free visit to your location for comparison of rates if you’re already processing!

    Mobile Pay Plus Device - Purchase for as low as $299 or Rent as low as $20.

    Mobile Pay Plus Device
    Take payments on the go with this hand held EMV and Contact less enabled device which connects to your smart phone and lets you manage your inventory through a cloud-based software.

    INGENICO IWL2503G - as low as $35 rent per month.
    The latest wireless terminal with 3G Connectivity. IWL250 is stylish and sleek and offers wireless processing capabilities anywhere you go.
    INGENICO IWL220 Bluetooth - as low as $30 rent per month.
    INGENICO IWL220 Bluetooth

    The IWL220 Bluetooth Terminal comes with two pieces, a base and a handheld. The handheld device is compact and short-range wireless, connected to the base with Bluetooth technology. Best suited for restaurants and cafes.
    INGENICO IP ICT250 - as low as $19 rent per month


    This smart and compact terminal can run on internet or a phone line, it’s easy to use, convenient and light-weight.
    Pax S90 WIRELESS - as low as $35 rent per month
    Pax S90 WIRELESS

    A reliable and convenient wireless and rechargeable POS. Best for delivery services and taxi/cab fleets. 

    Pax S80 - as low as $28 rent per month
    Pax S80
    The IP/Dial terminal by Pax Technologies.
    Virtual account with mobile swiper – $150 Virtual Account activation - Swiper Purchase as low as $50 or rent @ $15/month.


    Sign up for a virtual account and accept payments on your smart phone with a compact mobile swiper.
    Exchange Program - Have an existing POS – Exchange your existing POS for a new one.

    Pay $150 as exchange program fee. No rent, only one time payment. $15 Monthly Service Fee applies.
    Integrated Point of Sale Systems
    Integrated Point of Sale Systems
    Designed for today’s small businesses, talech tablet based solution is easy-to-use and will help you manage your inventory, track sales and grow your business

    For More Info:
    Address: 104-100 Dynamic Drive, Toronto, ON M1V 5C4
    Call: 1-866-667-1377 
    Fax: 1-866-204-6888
    Email: info@mbeforyou.com 
    Web: www.mbeforyou.com


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