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    Canada Day 1st July | Top 50 benefits

    Canada Day 1st July – MBE serving Canada since 1995

    Canada Day 1st July, formerly known as Dominion Day, marks the historical event in which Canada gained their independence from Great Britain in 1867. This important holiday celebrates the birth of Canada as an independent nation and is celebrated each year on July 1st, MBE giving Top 50 benefits on Canada Day to the MBE Membership holder.

    This is an opportunity to gather in our communities, from coast to coast, and to proudly celebrate all we have in common. It is an opportunity to celebrate our achievements, which were born in the audacious vision and shared values of our ancestors, and which are voiced in nearly all of the languages of the world through the contribution of New Canadians.
    Canada Day is a time to celebrate the heritage passed down to us through the works of our authors, poets, artists and performers. It is a time to rejoice in the discoveries of our scientific researchers, in the success of our entrepreneurs, and to commemorate our history – a history in which each new chapter reveals itself to be more touching, more fascinating than the last.

    How MBE Contribute in serving Canadians?

    MBE running more than 14 different businesses around globe.

    MB Enterprises is an independent Canadian based business solutions & Services Providing Group, incorporated in 1995 under the Laws of the province of Ontario Canada. MB Enterprises operates globally with its various units based in Asia, Australia and the Middle East. The Group is operated by an experienced management team that is envisioned to offer forward-thinking solutions to commercial & residential sectors of North America, Middle East & Asia.

    As one of the largest electronic processing service providers for POS/ATM in North America, MB Enterprises is fully equipped with advanced technologies. A strong infrastructure that ensures reliability in services, strong support for customers and a collaborative relationship with our clients has been our core focus.

    Want to know about our Chairman & Founder?

    Mansoor Naqvi
     Chairman & Founder MBE Group
    MBE setup more than 20 years ago in Canada. The MBE Group initially operated as an enterprise for ATM and POS services in Canada. Through Mr. Mansoor’s vision, strategic direction and unwavering commitments, the MBE group has emerged as Canada’s premium conglomerate with a diversified international business portfolio. From its humble origins in payment services, the MBE Group business interest today span the globe and encompasses information technology, investments, real estate, mortgage, Insurance, Accounting, Tele-marketing and Credit Consoling. 

    Under Mr. Mansoor Naqvi’s vision, MBE launched an Independent Payment Switch (Cashwave) in Canada that has the current portfolio of operating 40,000+ POS Terminals and 5,000+ ATM Machines.  Mr. Mansoor has broaden the horizons with expanded businesses and established MBE Pakistan in 2009. He continues to promote the causes of financial inclusion by unbundling traditional banking services and digitizing all 6 verticals to financially include the 80% of the unbanked population of Pakistan.

    The Retail Merchants Association of Canada (RMA), now RMA Canada as a result of its merger with MBBP, has been serving the Independent industry since 1910.

    The objective of RMA/MBBP is to assist its members to prosper by offering an array of cost saving programs designed to keep them strong and profitable.

    Want to know more about us and if you are excited to start your journey with MBE by picking up any services you want just click on the following link and fill the form.

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    For Insight of RMA/MBBP Benefits check:

    As we look ahead, we have every reason to show our pride in being Canadian and to face the future with confidence and enthusiasm.
    Get in Touch:
    Mansoor Brothers Enterprises Canada: 104-100
    Dynamic Drive Toronto, ON MIV 5C4    
    +1-866-667-1377 | FAX: +1-866-204-6888


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